LETTER: Backing Bergen for Concord School Committee

Brister's Hill Road resident Nancy Burnham was impressed by Bergen's leadership on the Citizens Transportation Committee.

To the Editor,

I support Lisa Bergen’s candidacy for School Committee because her approach is to be open-minded, data-driven, thorough and proactive in engaging and informing the public about committee business that impacts our citizens. Lisa attended countless meetings to become an informed citizen about current school issues; meetings held by the Concord Public School Committee, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee, the Building Committee, the Finance Committee and the Board of Selectman. She paid close attention and commented respectfully about issues, often nuanced or left out of the discussion, which could have significant impact to the schools, students, and community. What greatly impressed me was her time as the Chair of the Citizens’ Transportation Committee (CTC). I was able to see how she would handle a public committee position and what her leadership style is. She conveyed her desire for the work to be an open-minded, thorough, data-driven analysis of options considering all who benefit from our transportation department including the recreation programs.    

Even more impressive than the report CTC produced under her leadership was the committee’s stance to solicit feedback from the community and create a dialogue. At each meeting, the community not only could comment but was also encouraged to ask questions which the committee answered. I can’t recall attending any other any public committee meeting where the committee proactively engaged in a dialogue with those in attendance. When asked a question not in the committee’s purview, Lisa sensitively and respectfully let the person know to which committee the question should be addressed.

Lisa demonstrated that her approach to public office is to do her best to ensure that she and the community are well informed of what the conversation is and the impacts different options may have on the community before decisions are made.

Nancy Burnham84 Brister’s Hill Road


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