LETTER: Backing Boynton for Concord School Committee

Sudbury Road resident Richard Robinson writes that Johanna Boynton is practical, thoughtful and inclusive.

To the Editor,

As a resident of Concord for the past 21 years, I am proud of the way our town functions by including the diverse views our constituents and getting things done. We are a pragmatic and thoughtful group of citizens. It is in the best interest of our community to have a member of the Concord School Committee who is able to work to bring ideas and people together and help act on decisions, finding solutions that fit the needs of our residents. Johanna Boynton is a leader who has proven her competence in these areas demonstrated through her volunteer work for Concord.

Johanna Boynton is a person who brings people and ideas together. She has been a leader in the community in many ways. At Alcott school, she was President of the Parent Teacher Group. Among many accomplishments, she worked with a group of fathers to harness their skills and abilities and found a way to include them in the activities and events sponsored by the Alcott PTG. The Alcott Dads have been a vital part of Alcott. Johanna Boynton empowered this group as it was forming and encouraged their involvement. This is the kind of leader Johanna is – inclusive, empowering and able to see the needs of others and act on it.

Johanna Boynton coaches our boys, is a board member of the Community Chest, and has clear interest in improving our town, community and schools. It is clear that the Concord School Committee would gain tremendously from Johanna Boynton’s abilities. Hilary and I will be voting for her on March 19 and I hope you will join me in doing so.

Richard Robinson
77 Sudbury Road


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