LETTER: Rainey Would Hit the Ground Running with Concord School Committee

Hayward Mill Road resident Abraham Fisher writes in support of Cynthia Rainey as a candidate for Concord School Committee.

To the Editor,

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Cynthia Rainey for School Committee.

She is intelligent, good-humored, and open-minded. Her academic and professional backgrounds give her a broad platform from which she can address different issues. She is committed to continue the extraordinarily high quality education we have come to expect in Concord. 

Over the past year, Cynthia has become increasingly informed and involved in the process of school governance. She started as a curious observer, but quickly began to educate herself. She has attended most of the School Committee meetings for the last  year. She has attended many Building Committee meetings. I can personally attest that last summer she was one of the most frequent citizen attendees of the Citizen's Transportation Committee. She has made it her business to read and understand the incredible quantity of documentation published by these and other committees. In short, she has put herself in a position where she will be able to hit the ground running as a member of the School Committee.

I encourage everyone to vote for Cynthia Rainey for School Committee on March 19.

Abraham Fisher
400 Hayward Mill Road


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