LETTER: Snook's an 'Exceptional Candidate' for School Committee

'No voter should doubt Kathi’s capability to work with strong-willed people holding diverse opinions,' say Bedford Street residents Greg Pastrick and Rebecca Schroeder.

To the Editor,

Kathi Snook is an exceptional candidate for Concord’s school committee. Her commitment to community and education compliments her dedication to country and service.

We have known Kathi and her family since the early 1990s when they first lived in Concord. Leaving our community for a few years to serve as professors at the United States Military Academy, they chose to return to Concord upon their military retirement. 

Since returning, Kathi has been fully engaged in the community both as an educator (tutoring students in math) and a parent. As friends and fellow parents of a special need student, we have benefited from Kathi’s knowledge. She is more than a good listener; she’s a problem solver. For years she has been our go-to resource. Over the past two years she has been a tireless organizer for new extra-curricular activities and events for Pathways students at CCHS.

The commitment Kathi and her family have made to our country is impressive. The way she and Scott weather the danger-filled deployment of their children to various hot spots in the world is remarkable. Through it all Kathi is the master multitasker --- caring for and supporting her far flung family of soldiers, managing her daughter’s education, and (oh yeah) doing a little education consulting on the side.  

No voter should doubt Kathi’s capability to work with strong-willed people holding diverse opinions. She was among the first women to break gender barriers at West Point and in the Regular Army. To serve successfully and rise to the rank of Colonel, she had to exceed, not just meet, expectations and standards.  

We know Kathi Snook will do the same on the school committee.

Greg Pastrick and Rebecca Schroeder
Bedford Street


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