LETTER: Stones Support Snook, Boynton for School Committee

Old Marlboro Road residents Todd and Elise Stone say Kathi Snook and Johanna Boynton are "uniquely qualified" to fill the two openings on the School Committee.

To the Editor,

We feel like first-time callers to one of those talk radio shows, since in all our years in Concord we have never written a letter to the editor of the Concord Journal. But we are writing for good reason, and that is to enthusiastically endorse Kathi Snook and Johanna Boynton for School Committee.

There are two openings on the School Committee, and our town has a tremendous opportunity to elect a committee of excellence rarely seen in public service. In terms of professional qualifications, academic and community experience, personal character and balanced perspective, Kathi Snook and Johanna Boynton are uniquely qualified.

We would like to speak further on behalf of Kathi Snook, whom we have known for more than 15 years. Much has been written about Kathi’s qualifications as an Army Colonel and an esteemed mathematics professor at West Point, but we believe the most important aspect is Kathi’s experience with her family in our schools and community over the past fifteen years.

Someone famous, it was Alan Kay actually, said that perspective is worth 50 IQ points. Perspective is what you gain when you have five children go through our school system with four CCHS graduates and one daughter in the CCHS pathways program. Perspective is what you gain when you have three children on active military service duty with two serving in Afghanistan at the same time. Perspective is what you gain when you work tirelessly yet quietly as a community volunteer on school sports, academic, and non-profit programs. By nature, schools and school-related issues are difficult in small towns. We believe that Kathi Snook has the balanced perspective that our community needs to guide our schools.

Please join us by voting for Kathi Snook and Johanna Boynton for School Committee.

Todd and Elise Stone
288 Old Marlboro Road


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