LETTER: Supporting Kathi Snook for School Committee

Lindsay Pond Road resident KC Winslow writes that Snook's 'experience as a mother of five, her likable personality, her positive spirit and her love of our community ... will move us forward in a unifying manner to help us through this ch

To the Editor,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of Kathi Snook for School Committee. Our town is fortunate to have someone with Kathi's extensive educational experience step forward to volunteer for this important post at this most imperative time.

As a fellow Hockey Mom, I have known Kathi for 11 years. Kathi and I have served together on the Hockey Board and I have watched Kathi in action many times. Kathi is a person to whom others turn when they want to get things done.Her organizational skills are exquisite and she is a strong but fair minded leader. It is not an overstament for me to say, Kathi Snook is liked and respected by all who know her. If you know Kathi Snook, you know what I mean!

Kathi's unique qualifications include being the second-highest ranking cadet graduating from the first coed class at West Point, an impressive Military career rising to the rank of Colonel, advanced degrees from Boston University including a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics, and a Doctoral Degree in Curriculum & Teaching, as well as over 1- years of teaching experience as a Math Professor and Curriculum Coordinator at West Point.

Although it is clear that Kathi's extensive education and teaching experience will serve our community well on the School Committee, it is Kathi's experience as a mother of five, her likable personality, her positive spirit and her love of our community, that will not only serve us well, but will move us forward in a unifying manner to help us through this challenging time.

Please consider joining me in my support for Kathi Snook for School Committee.

K.C. Winslow
160 Lindsay Pond Road


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