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The CCHS Patriots are Division 3 Superbowl Champions!

Concord Carlisle trounces Oliver Ames 42-9.


It was a storied finish to an undefeated 13-0 season. The first couple plays of the game appeared shaky, but the Patriots quickly found their footing, putting up 21 points in the first half. The OA Tigers earned their first 3 points of the game on a field goal early on, while the Patriots continued to outplay their opponents in virtually every capacity.

OA scored once again with just a few minutes left in the fourth quarter, but interceptions from Will Blumenberg and Henry Bumpus — Bumpus scoring on the first play following his interception — as well as four touchdowns from George Craan and another from Tyquan Culbreath over the duration of the game kept the Patriots ahead of the Tigers with a comfortable margin all morning.

Today's 42-9 win marks the first MIAA Div. 3 title for CCHS since 1978.

Check back with Patch later today for a full recap of the Superbowl. 


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