Image Gallery: Enjoy a Bowl of Stone Soup

The 4th Annual Stone Soup Dinner and fund raiser for farming in Concord took place Sunday evening at Verrill Farm.

The 4th Annual Stone Soup Dinner was a big success at Verrill Farm as hundreds of Concord residents pitched in for a $38 dollar plate, and $5 drink tickets, to support local farming.

“This benefit is to keep farming in Concord,” explained Chris Saia, who along with Jenn Verrill and Debra Stark, coordinated the event. “All the things on the menu are from local farms that donated vegetables and other foods. We teamed up with eight different local restaurants who cooked for us.”

Tents were set up on the expansive lawn beside Verrill Farm — some for cooking and tasting appetizers, with one large tent for the yearly sit-down dinner.

Music was provided by local, old-timey, country and folk ensemble, Hay Fever, and a movie poster of the recently released film, The Help, signed by author of the novel from which the movie was adapted and the cast of the film, was put up for auction starting at $250 to spur more funds for the cause.

This event was one part of the on-going Plant a Farmer initiative by Verrill Farms, whose goal is to maintain and recruit more local farmers throughout Concord and the surrounding area.

For a rundown of the menu available at the 4th Annual Stone Soup Dinner, click here.

For a look at the 27 local farms and restaurants that participated in the event, click here.


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