Deborah Bier
Deborah Bier, PhD, is a long-time resident of Concord, Massachsusetts. Since 1995, she has run the ConcordMA.com website, and the Concord Discussion List, a listserve about all things Concord.
She is the director of the metro Boston office of Caring Companion Home Care, an innovative home care agency headquartered in Concord, MA, serving elders and the disabled. For more than 20 years, her private health care practice has focused on with multi-generation families with one or more member chronically or seriously ill. In that context, she performed a lot of care management, helping patients find complementary methods to improve their health, and to increase their wellness despite their health challenges. Moving from private practice to CCHC allows her to focus even more closely on working with elders and their care teams. Working extensively with dementia patients and those with a variety of disabilities, she specializes in helping to bring a more vibrant life to their clients. Deborah  holds a doctorate degree in Therapeutic Counseling, and is the author of several books and countless articles on health, healing, food, and issues local to her historic town, Concord, Massachusetts. In her spare time, she is a jewelry designer and maker. She is an avid backyard farmer of both decorative and functional plants for food, medicine and beauty. She is a former whole foods chef and food writer, and depends upon this experience in both her healthcare and backyard farming endeavors.
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